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Brooks Brothers

A return to the brand as Senior Creative Director allowed me to find new ways to celebrate the brand's rich heritage. My team elevated the visual content to create a cohesive aesthetic across all touch points, with a digital-first approach. It was a delicate balance to develop campaigns that felt fresh and innovative while staying true to brand legacy.

It was also a career highlight to lead such a talented creative team and photo studio — we created an astounding amount of dynamic content throughout the year. I added structure and an effective workflow to the creative process by introducing marketing road maps, digital project management and prototyping tools. 

200th Anniversary

Working closely with every department in the company, we created a digital-first, 360° brand campaign. Distilling two centuries of fashion innovation and brand highlights into short video snippets was no easy task. Sleek animation featuring archival imagery, historic highlights and the brand's most iconic products helped showcase the brand’s staying power. Animation by AntidoteFX.

The Show at Pitti Uomo

We capped the epic celebration with a stunning runway show and curated exhibition at Pitti Uomo. The fashion show and corresponding retrospective put emphasis on the brand’s most celebrated and innovative pieces, including button-down dress shirts, gold-buttoned blazers, madras and seersucker. Photographs by Lauren Fleishman.


Some shirts are always in style.

For this campaign, we looked to people of all ages and walks of life as a source of inspiration and admiration. Looking confident, comfortable and effervescent, this cast of characters showcased all the things we love about these timeless classics. 

Brooks Brothers & Supima

Film Production: Whooden/Studios
Lifestyle photography: Carlo Miari Fulcis
Still-life photography: Matt Conte