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Academic Study & Research

Seeking knowledge through deep-rooted connection

I made the deliberate and exhilarating choice to segue into higher education after more than two decades as a design professional in advertising and marketing. Having spent years building and leading such talented teams in fashion/luxury retail, I want to merge these worlds, bringing together all of my professional wisdom with the dynamic creative energy cultivated the diverse, complex group dynamics of the design classroom. 

My research and practice, most recently at Tyler School of Art & Architecture, explores the transformative power of design to cultivate authentic connections. My pedagogical vision seeks to inspire emerging artists and designers, guiding them to establish meaningful connections on multiple levels: with themselves, with their peers and with their future careers. 

As someone who identifies as an introvert, I was compelled to create a guide for like-minded individuals as they navigate a new job. This workbook is meant to serve as a support sytem for these powerful contributors, who may be last to speak but are often first to act. See more

Quiet Force

This non-profit organization empowers the future generation of cutting-edge scientists through transferable skills from the arts. This branding & identity system was a true collaboration between the founder/CEO, Francesca Tuazon and  my MFA cohort at Tyler. See more


This experiential dining experience was inspired by Priya Parker’s The Art of Gathering. Centered around a dinner party, the goal was to tailor a personalized event which strikes the right balance between structure and free-flowing, encourages attendees to let their guards down and creates room for ‘good controversy’. See more

Give & Taste

This interactive magazine is a layered piece: a self-indulgent, provocative and joyous love letter. I created this passion project in response to what I felt was a missed opportunity in commercial gay and queer-centric periodicals and publications. The goal was to create a more inclusive celebration of the queer form. See more


Using a medium that is well known for its ability to transform a room, I wanted to explore creating shifts in a space’s vibe and energy. This selection of hand-crafted prints are intended to elicit an emotional response, serving as instantaneous mood lifters. See more

Good Mood Wallpaper

As a recent graduate student, I’ve been able to thoughtfully reconsider what it looks like to reenter the work force. My goal was to look towards a future which prioritizes people over profits and call bullshit on systems that suppress much of the working force. See more

Design Manifesto


Creative direction  |  Brand strategy  |  Art direction  |  Graphic design  |  Typography  |  Illustration  |  Digital media  |  Copywriting  |  Photo retouching  |  Model casting  |  Video art direction  |  Photo & video editing  |  Social media strategy  |  UX/UI design  |  Illustration  |  Presentations and pitches  |  Career coaching  |  Branding & identity systems

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