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Science& is a non-profit organization that empowers the future generation of cutting-edge scientists through transferable skills from the arts. This branding & identity system was a true collaboration between the founder/CEO, Francesca Tuazon and my MFA cohort at Tyler School of Art & Architecture: MeiLi Carling, Nghi To and Ha Tran

The organization was founded to meet the immediate needs of underrepresented scientists, who are often not well supported in the field of science. The goal of the organization is to uplift trainees and professionals from diverse backgrounds, especially those who have struggled to feel they belong in the scientific community.


The Brand Name & Logo

As we narrowed down the mission and purpose of the organization, we focused on the concepts, emotions and visuals that represented its audience in moments when they were thriving. To create a truly inclusive community and inspire the future generation of scientists, we wanted to emphasize the duality that exists in their practice.

We used the ampersand as a symbol for the inclusive nature of their approach. It symbolizes efforts to break free from conventions, and highlights the intersections between art and science through blending organic and geometric forms. It also speaks the many things the NPO plans to pair with science, and the expansive community it hopes to build.

The primary color palette captures the personality and reflects the mission of the brand. Drawing inspiration from both the artistic and scientific world, we chose colors that convey scientific reliability while maintaining the humanistic core of the NPO's mission. 

The Color Palette






We developed a system of patterns that expanded on the values we identified for the brand: belonging, wonder, and joyful discovery. Playful takes on the ampersand, protein ribbons that blurred the line between science and celebration, and subtle typographic twists help add  dynamic movement to presentations and digital media. 

Patterns & Prints

The launch of Science&.org was an exciting milestone for the team. With corresponding digital media outreach on various outlets, the organization was able to hit initial fundraising goals, establish a diverse advisory board and build a community of partners and future collaborators.

The Website

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