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Shining a light on beautiful humans & finding room to breathe 

Photography has always been a passion and interest of mine, and while I have spent the majority of my career alongside some of the most talented photographers as an art director, my goal is to step behind the camera to more actively explore the medium as both art form and storytelling device. My portrait photography harnesses the camera and photo studio to shine a spotlight on a wide range of humans who deserve to have their story told.

My environmental photography highlights moments captured while taking a brief moment to pause, admire and reflect. These moments encapsulate my creative process and philosophy: design is at its best when you've given it space to breathe.

Environmental Photography

Portrait Photography

Environmental Portraits


Creative direction  |  Art direction  |  Photo retouching  |  Video art direction  |  Photo & video editing  |  Studio lighting & portraits  |  Environmental portraits  |  Color correction  |  Event photography

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