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Good Mood Wallpaper

After diving into Ingrid Fetell Lee’s Aesthetics of Joy, I was fascinated by the science and patterns that emerged as she researched how we respond to things like colors, shapes and texture in our environments, as well as more intangible elements like energy, transcendence and celebration. Using wallpaper as a medium that is well known for its ability to transform a room, I wanted to take it further by creating shifts in a space’s vibe and energy.

This selection of hand-crafted prints are intended to elicit an emotional response, serving as instantaneous mood lifters. The textures and patterns are meant to help us feel at ease, a sense of calm, a burst of energy, or a sense of awe and wonder. The goal of this project was quite simple— using design to help us feel good. 


Textiles with vibes

Each collection is inspired by elements found in nature, bringing the essence of the outdoors into our interiors. From soft and subtle to expressive and dramatic, there is a vibe that's right for the project at hand.

The feeling of joy is multi-dimensional, and I wanted to explore colors and textures that spanned a layered range of joyful emotions. Four themes emerged: harmony, tranquility, energy and magic.

Giving depth to the inspiration behind each print and pattern, the brand's look book serves as a functional tool and storytelling device.

The Look Book

Patterns & Prints

The Harmonious collection was designed to bring feelings like grounded, secure, and confident. Visual themes included symmetry, repetition, smart contrast, pleasing shapes, and a balanced color palette.

The Energetic collection was developed to evoke feelings like excited, effervescent, and ecstatic. Visual themes included lively bursts, varying scale, higher contrast, and bold shapes

The Tranquil collection was created to elicit feelings like calm, introspective, and peaceful. Visual themes included fluid, smooth lines, low contrast, and monochromatic, cool-toned colors.

The Magical collection was created to conjure feelings like awe, wonder, and curiosity. Visual themes included elements that felt ther worldy, unusual, asymmetrical, and sparkly/metallic.

Harmonious Collection

Tranquil Collection