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Tyler School of Art & Architecture

During my time at Temple University, I worked as a graduate assistant to create internal and external branding and promotional materials for Tyler School of Art & Architecture via the Office of Marketing and Communications. I helped manage the design workflow, captured unique photography and expanded on the bold and recognizable branding system developed by Paula Scher and the team at Pentagram.

Creating a set of cohesive and scalable templates for the school's design system made for a much more efficient output of work. Other highlights included updates to marketing and recruitment materials for the MFA program, a suite of digital advertising and getting the first glimpse at the incredible guest lectures and visiting artists each semester.

Digital Media

Developed a series of outdoor and paid social media advertising templates for annual school admissions. The concise and actionable headline was inspired by my personal experience within the program, and the potential to seize the power of art to create meaningful and impactful change.

Each semester we created a suite of marketing materials to highlight and promote special events, guest lectures, visiting artists and a variety of community building within the school. A strategic mix of print and digital media allowed us to reach students and faculty wherever and whenever they engaged with the university.

Internal Communications

Updating the recruitment materials for the school's MFA program was a unique chance to highlight the incredible student work produced by distinguished alumni and my exceptionally talented cohort. Having direct access to the array of disciplines at Tyler allowed me to forge connections with artists that I will be eternally grateful for.

Print Marketing